A Great Visionary Architect of our success- S. Balbir Singh Ji

Sardar Balbir Singh Ji was born into the patriotic family which had played a vital role in the freedom struggle of India and thereafter enriched the democratic principles of Indian polity. Since acquiring the higher education at Lyallpur Khalsa College he was profoundly active in the social spheres and was elected as member of state legislative assembly at a young age and was member of the Punjab cabinet from the year 1972 till 1977. During this period of service to the state of Punjab, he was elected as president of our governing council in the year 1973 and continued to guide and steer the group to its pinnacle till the year 2008. It was under his dynamic leadership that the various institutions of the trust gained prominence in the field of education. Apart from being an active parliamentarian as member Rajya Sabha (1992-1998) and member Lok Sabha (1999-2004), he was also devoted to the social causes of all strata of society and was patron of NRI Sabha and also Chairperson of Amateur Kabbadi Federation of India.

From the desk of THE PRESIDENT…

Welcome to KCL-IMT!

 Dear Students,

I take pride to share with you that Khalsa College Lyallpur Institute of Management & Technology (KCL-IMT) is a part of the legendary legacy of 100 years young – Khalsa College Lyallpur Education Charitable Trust that has been established with a perspective to impart high quality education to the students. World-wide the current economic & business environment has become highly competitive, posing a pertinent demand for skilled and qualified Business Managers & Technocrats who have analytical, technical, leadership and managerial skills; which can be absorbed at the local or global level by various organizations to achieve their strategic objectives.

Hence, at KCL-IMT, our emphasis is on the holistic development of the students by enhancing their knowledge quotient, reasoning aptitude, managerial skills and technological abilities through innovative teaching and learning methodologies to make them competent enough to accept and successfully surpass the challenges of the corporate world.

At KCL-IMT, our endeavor is to groom the students to become productive team member, firm decision maker and an efficient leader. We also endeavor to nurture among our students moral, ethical and human values to make them become responsible citizens of the country.

I assure that at KCL-IMT, you will receive a high quality education and will be able to elevate your personality through knowledge exchange in the safe and conducive learning environment of the Institute.

I welcome you to the family of KCL-IMT.


Balbir Kaur

From the Desk of THE HON’Y SECRETARY

Khalsa College Lyallpur Institute of Management & Technology has successfully created a distinction for itself as a leader in imparting Management and Technical education. As college life is considered as the foundation of one’s professional future, we at KCL-IMT lay paramount emphasis on the enhancement of student’s knowledge, ideology, personality & professional skills through various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

At KCL-IMT, the faculty continuously enhance their knowledge acumen in synchronization with industry standards through their active contribution towards teaching and research & development through publications, participation in seminars & conferences at the national and international level and through conduct of seminars, workshops & faculty development programmes; and also through business consultancy by providing tailor-made solutions to the organizations for the business-managerial problems. These abilities of our competent faculty members enhance the knowledge learning and credentials of our students to make them become more adaptive for the corporate world.

Through our pertinent constructive efforts, we enable our students to reach new heights in life both personally and professionally. With this, I heartily welcome you to the Institute for an exciting academic life ahead.

Warm Wishes

Urmiljeet Kaur


From the Desk of THE Director (Academic Affairs)


At KCL-IMT, we strongly believe in disseminating Knowledge, Creativity & Leadership; and having the best of the faculty drawn from the best of the Institutions of Northern India who have brought with them the best academic and industrial experience to enhance the knowledge of the students in order to help them to build a successful career.

KCL-IMT is a young Business Management & Technical Institute which has made a positive affinity for itself among business organizations and students.

KCL-IMT has the location advantage of being situated in the heart of the city; besides this, our Institute’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and related facilities provide students with ample opportunities to involve themselves in extra & co-curricular activities. This helps the students to inculcate in them the feeling of self disciplined liberty and pro-active decision making.

At KCL-IMT, you are an integral part of our student community and we genuinely value your contribution, participation, personal growth and development beyond the classroom. Our students are our top priority and all our efforts are centric towards them. Further, I assure that at KCL-IMT you will have a wonderful and pleasing experience.

Warm Wishes

Sukhbir Singh Chatha