KCLIMT (The Institute’s App) Developed by Students of MCA

We are pleased to announce that the students of Software Development and Entrepreneurship Cell (SDEC) @ SIT of KCLIMT have developed an Android Application for the institute. Main objectives of the app KCLIMT are:

  • To make the students updated about the recent activities of KCLIMT.
  • To integrate official Facebook page, WhatsApp number and YouTube account at one place.
  • To retrieve the feedback and queries about the institute.

This application is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded with keyword “KCLIMT”.

SDEC Coordinator Prof. Rameshwer Singh supervised the following students to develop the app.


Sr.No Name of the Student Class
1. Arti MCA 5th Semester
2. Lovpreet Kumar MCA 5th Semester
3. Anita MCA 5th Semester
4. Monu MCA 5th Semester
5. Sonil MCA 5th Semester