Group Discussion of MBA-II Section-B

In order to enhance the group discussion skills of the students of MBA-II Section-B the Department of Management organised a topic based group discussion for the students of  MBA-II Section-B   on 14/02/2019. The topics of group discussion were :

  1. Should Recruiters Favour MBAs over Non MBAs

                Credibility, Confidence and a big-picture perspective is what an MBA program is all about. This program gives broad perspective of the business world which mean how the economy and industry works together. It helps one to acquire a total understanding of organizational behaviour of human relations. MBAs are sought after for their ability to think critically, deal with ambiguity and solve complex problems. MBA program, will develop the student’s survival skills and professionalism, enabling them to develop into exceptional communicators and advisers. Without a doubt studying a Masters in Business Administration will alter your whole perception of life and adjust your mind for the better.

  1. India Needs More Job Creators than Job Seekers

As we may see that India is one of the growing economies in the world so there may be mismatch between the number of jobs available and the persons available for such a job. As every coin has two sides, so there is need of job creators who can fulfil the demand of job seekers. Depending on the talent and opportunities comes in the way of the person, he/she may need to act accordingly and exploit it to the maximum use for the betterment of society. Instead of searching for jobs randomly, a person should introspect and get to know about the direction for which he is suitable.


Keeping this in view a group discussions were held. The discussion witnessed a meaningful deliberation where students spoke for and against the theme. Every participating student contributed to the group discussion meaningfully.